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Hi! My name is Jill and welcome to my blog. First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting my website and I hope you take a lot of positive insights onboard from my blog. I am a Registered Nurse currently working as an Oncology Nurse in Melbourne, Australia. I also finished a Degree in BS Biology major in Applied Biology. I have been exposed to different kinds of illness which gave me the idea to turn people's lives around by trying to get into the habit of having a balanced and healthy lifestyle and this is through a simple way of sharing my knowledge and ideas that I have tried myself that worked. I feature some of the products that I use (and have used) and I guarantee all my readers that my reviews are not biased. They are all based on my own experience and what I think of them. My aim is to help those who are trying to have a healthy lifestyle and be fit without feeling pressured. Every day, we see people on social media with a perfectly ripped body and we straight away think that we can never be like them and because we are engulfed by what we see, we are instantly discouraged and feel hopeless. I am not a badass health junkie either but I suppose trying to get into the habit of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important. I will be sharing a few workouts, recipes, and other ideas on how to jump start your fitness journey. Let's help each other and please feel free to share your experience and ideas so that we can share it with everyone else!